Scarlet O'Haira the Fluffy Snuggler is a moshlings in the mythies set along with jessie and shambles and possibly king toot.


You get her in Season 2 Mission 7: Masters of the Swooniverse


Frankly my dears, Fluffy Snugglers don't give a flying gooberry about silly moshlings collectors like me. There too busy snuggling each other. In fact, these happy little hairballs just adore hugging and love being loved, even if the thing doesnt return the favor.


Hugging and pom-poms


Frowns and naked flames


You'd think being bright red would make Fluffy Snugglers easy to spot but I've yet to to discover where they come from. Maybe I should just ask?


  • She was mentioned in the daily growl saying she raided roary scawls's Fridge.
  • As mentioned on the daily growl, she will hug anything.