Moshlings, (released September 19th, 2008), are very cute, cool and collectible creatures for your Moshi Monsters to catch. They are obtained by planting various types of seeds in your Moshling Garden. Moshi Members can keep up to 6 Moshlings in their room, while ordinary players can keep only 2 Moshlings in their room. Moshi Members also have a Moshling Zoo, in which they can keep as many Moshlings as they can catch.

Each Moshling is very unique and they come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Although Moshlings are different, there are groups such as 'Dinos' and 'Ponies' that are shown in the zoo. The creatures can be clicked on, inside the house or out in the zoo, and they will make a little dancing routine and perform a little song which is fun to listen to and look at. Each Moshling does a different thing. Once you have completed a set of moshlings, their habitat in the zoo lights up!

Some Moshlings are available only to Moshi Members, as they require Seeds (Crazy Daisy and Snap Apple) available only at Super Seeds Moshi Members only store. Below is a list of all the Moshlings that are known.

See the codes to catch them here.

Beasties: Humphrey, Jeepers, ShiShi, Burnie

Birdies: DJ Quack, Prof. Purplex, Peppy, Tiki

Dinos: Snookums, Pooky, Doris, Gurgle

Fishies: Stanley, Blurp, Cali, Fumble

Fluffies: Dipsy, Honey, Flumpy, I.G.G.Y.

Foodies: Hansel, Coolio, Cutie Pie, Oddie

Kitties: Purdy, Gingersnap, Lady Meowford, Waldo

Luckies: Furnando, Tingaling, O'Really, Penny

Ninjas: Chop Chop, Sooki-Yaki, Shelby, General Fuzuki

Noisies: Cherry Bomb, Boomer, Judder, Betty

Nutties: CocoLoco, Pip, Shelly

Ponies: Angel, Priscilla, Mr. Snoodle, Gigi

Puppies: Fifi, McNulty, White Fang, Scamp

RoxStars: Bobbi Singsong

Secrets: Dustbin Beaver, Blingo, Lady GooGoo, Roxy

Smilies: Rofl, Tiamo

Snowies: Tomba, Gracie, Leo, Woolly

Spookies: Squidge, Kissy, Ecto, Big Bad Bill

Sporties: Pocito, Rooby

Techies: Nipper, Wurley, Holga, Gabby

Tunies: Wallop, Plinky, Oompah, HipHop

Worldies: Rocky, Liberty, Cleo, Mini Ben

Unreleased Sets:Edit

Munchies: Fizzy, Suey

Mythies: Scarlet O'Haira, Shambles, Jessie

Arties: Scrumpy

Unknown moshlings for the sets: Micro Dave, Toasty, Yoka, King Toot, Busling, Melody

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